The P. K. D. Dueling Pistol Set Custom by Doktor A

A “steampunked”-Blade Runner Blaster by Doktor A, complete with display box, is one of the lushest piece of memorabilia I’ve witnessed for a long time… in fact, most goodness that is shared in my mind were done by Doktor A!

In this particular instance, the “P. K. D. Dueling Pistol Set” had been customised from a Tomenosuke Resin Blaster Kits, including Acrylic, Vintage Blown Glass, Polyurethane, Silver, Quartz Crystal, Epoxy, Vintage Clock Gears, Acrylic Velvet, Paper, Brass, Found Objects, in a Vintage Wooden Box.

This private commission will be showcased to an unsuspecting public the next three days at Tokyo Comic Con 2017 @ Makuhari Messe, from Friday, December 1st to Sunday, December 3rd. *The item is a Private Commission piece, and is Not For Sale*


“I was recently commissioned by a long time collector to create this set of Dueling pistols in my own style from a couple of Tomenosuke Blade Runner Blaster resin kits. The collector has a deep appreciation of the movie and I didn’t feel he wanted something trivial creating. I love Blade Runner too so it was a fun challenge to mess about with such an iconic movie prop. Keeping it clear as to what the source material was but pulling it squarely into the Mechtorian world.” (Read more on / All images via)