Spinner Triptych by Jakob Staermose x Tomenosuke

BLADE RUNNER by Drew Struzan x Bottleneck Gallery for Timed Release

BladeRunner Replica "Tomenosuke Blaster 2019"

1/5 Tomenosuke Blaster enamel pin by Jakob Stærmose

Do Replicants Dream of Electric Unicorns? by Butcher Billy #fanart

The P. K. D. Dueling Pistol Set Custom by Doktor A

BLADE RUNNER Print by Raid71 x Bottleneck Gallery (Releases Nov 16)


Building Blade Runner 2049 Miniatures by Weta Workshop

Blaster In-Hand

BLADE RUNNER BLACK OUT 2022 - Anime Prequel to #BladeRunner2049 - Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe

“Blade Runner 2049” Prequels from Luke Scott

Japanese Trailer & Poster for BLADE RUNNER 2049