New Clip for #BladeRunner2049

A recently released clip from BLADE RUNNER 2049 sees "Officer K" (played by Ryan Gosling) visit a part of the world in the upcoming Denis Villeneuve-directed feature film, that isn’t from the by-now-recognizable decaying dysphoria of the urban city, and instead a forgotten slum of epic proportions, very much like “child labour / sweat shops” exploding into the next millennia, and I kinda like this point-of-view. The character played by Lennie James is as-yet-named.


I am actually pretty cuffed with this clip, as it does not show the cityscape - something what which we've been "accustomed" to from the first Ridley Scott film from 30 years ago - but is also excited to see a landscape and ecology beyond the uber-commercialized "civilization". We always want "more of the same", but something "new" always seem more interesting than "something different", IMHO.

"Blade Runner 2049" premieres globally October 6th, 2017.