Blade Runner's "Rachael" Painting by VECTORSCUM

Here is a closer look at "Rachel" from local artist Drayson Phua aka VECTORSCUM - of his painted canvas - last seen in 2009's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? @ The Substation (alongside two other canvases, of Deckard and Roy, seen directly below - both of whom have already been spoken for), inspired by the classic sci-fi "Blade Runner".


I cannot describe to you my surprise and joy or receiving and beholding this (thanks Drayson!), and appreciation that this is an actual painted canvas, and hardly a "digitally printed canvas", and I am gratefully humbled and thankful.

Drayson has not painted any canvases for quite a while now, having to concentrate on his design work for VECTORSCUM. Here's hoping we'll get to see more of his "leisure" work in the near future!

[ Originally posted Aug 2013 ]