A Closer Look at "LAPD 2019 Blaster Small" Print by Jakob Staermose


"LAPD 2019 Blaster Small" by Jakob Staermose sees the print finished with a glossy surface, very "poster" rather than "matt" - but then again, this is a "Digital Print" - and the "aged" framing image treatment lends a nice aesthetic to the splendid muted tone of Deckard's blaster rendered here lovingly like an image lifted from an old blaster / side-arms catalog.


This is the "1st Edition" - limited to 42 pieces, sized 18" x 24" and priced at US$35. I find myself starting down the path of collecting imagery from "Blade Runner", and this is the first (and I have a couple more coming soon as well .. oh dear… LOL). There was a RED background-image (for the blaster) which I missed out on tho :p

(This poster is from Hero Complex Gallery's "Weapon of Choice" group show - previously blogged about HERE)

[ Originally posted Feb 2013 ]